Do I need to be a myPAQ member to use the machines?

No, anyone can refill their products at our station!

Do I need to use myPAQ bottles?

Yes, we will provide you with our myPAQ bottles for you to use. They are made from aluminum which is far better for the environment compared to a plastic bottle.

Is it sanitary?

Yes, all our stations receive regular maintenance and cleanings. While your bottle is being refilled, a protective barrier will appear to prevent anything contaminating the refill process. 

How will I be charged?

If you are a myPAQ member, then funds will be withdrawn from your account balance whenever you refill your products. You get to choose how much you are charged by choosing how much you want to refill!
If you are not a myPAQ member yet then you have the ability to pay at the refill station. We do not accept cash. 

What happens if I run out of funds?

If you are a myPAQ member, then you have the option to have your balance be refilled automatically via the connected payment method.
Parents have the option to connect to their child's account so they can ensure that their kid always has the funds necessary to maintain a hygienic lifestyle. 

Where do you get your products from?

We have partnered with local producers to source our products from. 

Where are you available?

We will soon be available in Halifax, Nova Scotia!